Young Smiles Dentistry

What a beautiful combination of colors! The CAT chair is so comfortable and the sled base construction makes these chairs very sturdy and affordable.  This waiting room is classy and inviting as well as comfortable. Thanks to Young Smiles Dentistry for sending me these pictures. They were so happy with the overall look and comfort of the CAT chair.  I love the beautiful frame color too!  A big kudos to the designer who put together this look! These chairs are upholstered in an “easy to wipe clean” blue vinyl and are very sturdy.  CAT chairs are a great value.  The Bola Bench was a great addition too.

About Pediatric Office

My background in decorating pediatric offices began when I was a young mother visiting the various pediatric offices with my 4 young children. During our visits, I realized the added appeal that bright colors and children's artwork would bring to pediatric waiting rooms. My art background as an Art teacher and my love of children's artwork inspired me to start a business,, where I sell children's artwork to decorate pediatric offices. With time, I began to add colorful waiting room chairs and tables to match the artwork for a complete look. I have had the honored distinction of helping many pediatric offices decorate their spaces with colorful waiting room chairs. Pediatric Office is the perfect decorating resource for pediatricians, office managers and designers to shop for colorful waiting room chairs and tables. We have a variety of chair styles in the Bola, Patience, Jazz, and Smile chair that will fit your budget and your decorating needs. Please contact Pediatric Office and ask for Jeanette Taylor at 281-769-8401 or Toll Free 1-877-769-8401 to get started today
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