More matching CAT chairs and doctor’s stools. Love the look of ABC Pediatrics!

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Beautiful CAT chairs with Big Bird in Hawaii!

YES, you can find Big Bird and the CAT chairs in Hawaii! We shipped these all the way to Hawaii! Gotta love that BIG YELLOW!! Love, love, and LOVE the wall saver feature!

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Beautiful CAT chairs

Brave colors choices for these CAT chairs make this room pop! And did you see that beautiful black frame? Silica vinyl that is wipe clean and pen and marker erasable.

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Beautiful Smile Chairs!

The Smile chairs really brighten up this waiting room. The Smile chair is a wall saver so the back of the chair will not touch the wall. What a great combination of colors in this  waiting room! The Smile chair comes in 15 thermoplastic colors.

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Colorful Finesse Chairs

These beautiful Finesse Chairs are so comfortable with the chair seat extending to give behind the knee the extra comfort. They are classic and unlike wood will never chip. The Finesse chairs are a winner for any pediatric office. Pick you colors and design a beautiful office.

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Colorful Hannah Chairs

Colorful Waiting Room Chairs

The Hannah chair is a beautiful waiting room or café chair that is very economical as well as sturdy and comfortable.


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The bola benches work into the space to incorporate a variety of seating options. These are the OLD colors with some of the newer ones mixed in.

NorthFloridaPediatrics21NorthFloridaPediatrics23 NorthFloridaPediatrics22 NorthFloridaPediatrics21 NorthFloridaPediatrics19 NorthFloridaPediatrics16 NorthFloridaPediatrics15 NorthFloridaPediatrics14 NorthFloridaPediatrics13 NorthFloridaPediatrics11 NorthFloridaPediatrics09 NorthFloridaPediatrics07 NorthFloridaPediatrics06 NorthFloridaPediatrics05 NorthFloridaPediatrics04 NorthFloridaPediatrics03

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